Chiflera, or Schefflera?

My Chiflera plant is growing again! I had noticed a lot of leaf loss on the lower branches of my Chiflera tree. I was concerned that it had some type of a leaf rot. I was told by a friend of mine, who has grown chifleras for years, that the plants often lose the lower-most leaves as it grows taller. To my great relief, the plant soon sprouted 4 new umbrellas, or branches with groups of leaves.

baby chiflera leaves

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Brand New Pinup

There's a new pinup in town

I had a pile of vines that I wasn't really sure what to do with. After I gingerly pulled it out from between the slats of the blinds, and up off of the floor, and out from behind the plant shelf, I had a lot more than I had anticipated. The longest vine strecthed out to a length of 15 feet! So, I did what any good plant lover would do, and I adorned my house with them :)

pinned up pothos

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Growing and Healing

Dear Ivy,

If I make a cutting of my pothos plant, will that vine continue growing?

-Cautious Cutter


Dear Cutter, 

Clone away, my friend! Your plant will bounce back in no time! When you choose to cut a pothos vine in order to create a new plant, the vine that you cut will continue to grow, just not from the same point. The place where you have made the slice will callous over rather quickly. Then, from a growing point above that, a new leaf will soon appear.

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Orchid 911

Help, there's been an accident!

My orchid took a plunge off a shelf the other day! I had put up a shelf in my room, just above my lizard's tank. The new fangled adhesive I used did NOT turn out like the commercials... My gecko, Johnny Cash was nearly squashed when the whole thing collapsed into his abode! Luckily, he was sleeping in his little rock house at the time, so he was unharmed.

As for my orchid, that's a different story...

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Who Is Going To Clean Up This Mess?

My pothos have officially gotten out of control. I have a shelf in my dining room that has a bunch of plants living on it. It stands in front of a big, double, South-facing window that gets plenty of sun throughout the day. This is the prime plant real estate in my house. It's great for plants that need plenty of sun. In fact, it might even be too much of a good thing.

tangled vines

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Building From the Ground Up

Now that I've cleared and tilled the ground in the designated spots, I can start constructing the frames. These frames will be made with 4" x 4" lumber, cut to lengths of four and eight feet. To divide the beds, yet save on the total ground space, we decided to make bisected frames. Each one will be sixteen feet long and four feet wide. This way, I don't have to leave space between six separate beds for a mower to get through. 

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Breaking Ground

 Today was the most labor intensive day of my raised bed project. I had to break into rock hard earth today! Due to the worst drought in over 50 years, the dirt I'm placing the beds on is dessicated and compacted. I tried a shovel first, to break into the ground, and was only able to edge the beds with help from my (much bigger) little brother. Today I placed all the lumber, and had to break into that ground before I could hope to set the frames. I tried with a shovel and an edger, and finally Read more [...]

A Private Peek at a Petite Patio Pond

One of the coolest, most coveted garden elements is a water feature. A pond or fountain is a sure way to set your yard or patio apart from others, and provide a soothing environment to relax in. The way I see it, having a small body of water in your yard is probably the coolest thing you can possibly do, next to growing your own food.

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Flapjacks, anyone?

I love succulents!

They are so beautiful, and such an easy way to add life to a room. Succulents won't demand much of you, in fact, they like to be left to their own devices for the most part. Sounds easy, right?

Easier said than done!

I tend to do too much. It's my worst indoor garden habit. This is a death sentence for cacti and succulents. I'll change, I promise! 

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