Active Aqua Five Gallon Root Spa Bucket System With Air Pump

Recently, I was able to try out the Active Aqua growing system. I can say that this bucket-o-plants was a barrel-o-fun!

Hydrofarm’s Root Spa Bucket System is a compact, simple hydroponic setup that is easy and convenient for beginners and old pros alike! People with water gardening experience will appreciate the space saving container, and the efficient system design that addresses every expert’s principle concerns. Beginners will love the simple, straightforward approach to indoor hydroponic growing.

The five gallon root spa bucket is a “single plant deep water culture system”. It includes an outer container, which acts as a reservoir. It is a standard five gallon bucket, with carrying handle. The bucket is modified with tubing and grommets to accept air intake from a strong and silent air pump. The air flow is directed into the water reservoir. At the top of the reservoir, perched firmly around the edge of the bucket, is a ten inch hanging basket. The hanging basket dips inside the reservoir, to suspend the root ball of your plant at the water’s surface. The water line should rise just to the bottom of this basket. In the hanging basket, one can place any suitable hydroponic growing media.

When the air pump is activated, it circulates the water, and disturbs the surface tension. This action in the water has multiple positive effects on the ambient growing environment your plant is inhabiting. When dabbling in water gardening, one of the most important things to remember is the flow! Still water stagnates and causes rot. Water needs to move to keep your plants root system healthy. The air flow in the reservoir will cause the water to circulate, spreading nutrients evenly around the container, making sure they don’t sink to the bottom. In still water, dense fertilizers and nutrients will sink and stay there, out of the reach of your plant’s roots. Introducing the Active Aqua Air Pump will really stir things up! Another benefit is the surface conditioning that will be assured with constant use. Agitating the surface of water encourages gas exchange. Popping bubbles and stirring nutrients will oxygenate the water and encourage root growth. Root growth means happy plants!

The air pump has a pressure control knob on top, so you can adjust the expelled air rate to suit your plant’s needs. It comes with a 120 volt, four foot cord. The air pump attaches to the bucket via the included air line. The pump is quiet, an advantage that any pro will be quick to appreciate!

The sturdy construction of the unit protects against leaks and ensures you can use the Root Spa for seasons to come! Assembly is easy, and the petite design is good for apartment dwellers who don’t have a lot of spare floor space, or for someone who wants to give hydroponic gardening a try without committing to a traditional, full size flood table. For more experienced indoor gardeners, separate systems for each plant could provide many advantages. One can grow different plants in one or many parts of their house. Separate systems ensure that there is no transmission in the event of disease, and strong plants can’t out compete your little guys that may need a little extra TLC. Each plant can be an individual with a set of Root Spas!

If you are a seasoned Hydroponic professional, the Active Aqua Five Gallon Root Spa Bucket System will provide a fun and compact water garden for that special exotic plant, or indoor veggie garden. For the beginner water gardener, the Root Spa is a great introduction into the world of Hydroponics!

Instruction Review:

The instructions for this product are easy for even a first-timer to understand! A seasoned hydro-pro will be able to set up the system right out of the box. A newbie need only pause briefly and consult the brilliantly articulated instructions to proceed with confidence! The directions walk you through the assembly of the system. With only eight pieces (Including the bucket, basket, air pump, hose and grommets), set up should be a breeze! The Active Aqua Air Pump even comes with its own instruction leaflet that give some hints and tips about setup. Your plant will be enjoying its spa treatment in no time!

Quality of Packaging:

The packaging is sturdy and sparse, just how I like it! The bucket is hardy, and the equipment nestles inside during shipping and storage. The air pump is packaged in its own box, to protect against bumps and bangs. The included air line is left in a loose loop, not folded or tied, to reduce the chance of splits or kinks.

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- Plant!t Clay Pebbles are a great partner to the Root Spa! This grit-free medium can keep the roots of your plants stable and grounded, while allowing nutrients and air through for absorption.

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Bullet Points:

- Active Aqua Five Gallon Root Spa Bucket System with air pump

- Single-unit/single-plant hydroponic gardening system

- Quietly operating air pump with adjustable pressure

- Low power consumption

- Comes with one year warranty

- Compact design saves space

- Use multiple Root Spas for an entire indoor garden!

- Encourages active root growth, which raises metabolic levels

- Convenient way to deliver nutrients to indoor plants