Jump Start Windowsill Heat Mat

The Hydrofarm Windowsill Heat Mat is a custom sized heat mat. Just unroll, and it’s ready to use! The Windowsill Heat Mat is three inches wide by twenty inches long, the perfect size to perch on any windowsill to help keep the cold at bay. Often, plants that would love the sun next to one of your windows are kept away across the room, because windows tend to leech heat and let drafts in. You don’t want your plant to catch cold! Lower than ideal temperatures can cause myriad problems for many different types of plants. Tropicals and flowering plants that aren’t cold hardy will start to wilt and brown around the edges of the leaves and petals. The parts of the plant closest to the cold will start to droop and die. The roots of a container bound plant that gets too cold will stop developing, and their metabolism will be negatively affected. They won’t be able to process enough water to keep the plant nourished. This can lead to unhappy foliage, as well as root rot. Plants that you are trying to coax into bloom will steadfastly refuse if they feel too chilly! If they can withstand the frigidness next to your window, they surely won’t be able to force out any flowers.

If you want to start some seedlings next to a bright windowsill before the weather is warm enough for seeds to germinate outside, the Windowsill Heat Mat is the perfect accessory for garden preparation! Seedlings will germinate sooner, grow faster, and develop more robustly if they are warm and cozy, without any cold temperatures slowing them down. Simply unroll the mat from its compact box, and place it next to any windowsill. Choose one that gets good sun, or one in a room that needs a little burst of life!

The mat is UL listed, so you can rely on its safety factor, and high performance. The durable quality of the materials ensures that scrapes and scuffs won’t affect its performance. It’s water resistant, so drips and dribbles from your day-to-day watering habits won’t cause any problems. Do not allow the heat mat to sit on or near standing water.

The Windowsill Heat Mat works by plugging into a wall outlet and gently warming to about ten to twenty degrees above the ambient temperature. When you set a planter on the heat mat, the root area in the soil will be gently warmed from underneath. This will increase the metabolic rate of the plant, improving germination, and ensuring success. Tropicals will feel more comfortable with a few extra degrees, and flowering plants will bloom bigger and brighter if you put them in a nice sunny window with the heat mat underneath!

If you’re anything like me, you may have used up all of the “good spots” in your home for house plants. Sometimes, the prime real estate is taken, but with a few simple accessories, you can create more! Even if you have limited space, you can surely spare a windowsill for plants! Save space and gain dimension by elevating plants away from the floor, and into the sun!


Instruction Review:

The Windowsill Heat Mat is ready to use when it arrives at your home! It comes in a simple box, just unroll it and you’re ready to grow! The package provides hints and tips on use. There are directions printed on the mat itself. They suggest the ideal setting for your heat mat, and some things you can do to further assist your cuttings or seeds as they mature (such as using a humidity dome).


Quality of Packaging:

The package is a simple but durable cardboard box. The Windowsill Heat Mat doesn’t require any extra padding or wrapping. The six foot long electrical cord comes tied in a neat bundle, and the long, flexible mat is rolled up and situated securely inside.


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Bullet Points:

  • 20” by 3”
  • Used for windowsill growing
  • Raises root area temperature about ten to twenty degrees above the ambient temperature
  • Space saving design perches conveniently on a windowsill, mantle or other ledge
  • Start seeds inside without taking up space
  • Increases success of seedlings and cuttings
  • Hints and tips printed directly on mat
  • 7.3 watts, 120 volts
  • UL listed