JumpStart Mini Windowsill Greenhouse

The Jumpstart 12 twelve pellet greenhouse is a miniature grow system that has big possibilities! The diminutive tray measures three inches wide by 8 inches long. Inside the tray are twelve substrate pellets made from cocoa fiber. These are compressed, biodegradable pellets that expand once water hits them. I filled the little tray with warm tap water, and the grow pellets turned from little flat coins of compressed fibers, to big soft pillows of plantable goodness, right before my eyes!  I poured off the excess, placed some seeds on each pillow, and misted them. I covered the seeds with the included humidity dome, and waited.

The humidity dome fits perfectly over the base, and keeps all the moisture inside the container. The lid snaps inside the edge of the bottom tray, so it keeps the moisture recirculating continuously. The water evaporates from the substrate and bottom tray. It condenses on the humidity dome, and “rains” back down on the seeds or sprouts you have planted. Hydrofarms’ design takes advantage of natural processes to create a micro climate that sensitive seedlings can thrive in. Call it a “Seed Sauna”!

The bottom tray has enough room for all twelve grow pellets, plus some extra room to spare. You can reuse the container season after season to start seeds. This is a product I have re-visited year after year. Its simple design leaves nothing to be desired. Durable construction means it can be reused annually when Spring hits. Just break out the trusty teeny greenhouse, and you can start sprouts in a warm environment before the ground thaws. Hydrofarm helps you get a “Jumpstart” each garden season with the JumpStart 12.

The fiber grow medium pellets are all-natural and chemical and hormone-free. Once you have finished with them, you can toss them into the compost without a care. Reusable and compostable materials make this an earth-friendly product!

Use the little Jumpstart 12 Greenhouse to start your seeds in a compact space. The Jumpstart 12 fits perfectly on your windowsill. Set it up with seeds and water, and let the sun do the rest! Create dimension in your room by lining the windowsills with tiny greenhouses! Placing plants at different levels in a room will cause the eye to travel. Floor platforms, columns, windowsills, wall hangers, and high shelves are all potential places to add plants in any room of your house. The JumpStart 12 is small and convenient enough to keep several at a time on each sill. You can use the Jumpstart 12 Pellet Greenhouse to grow little windowsill herb gardens. Plant seeds of different herbs in each greenhouse, or plant several types in each one, and replant them every few weeks as they run out, so you always have fresh herbs on hand.

For urban and indoor pets, grow some catnip or wheat grass on the windowsill. It gives them precious enrichment, and nibbling on greens can give many different types of pets the vitamins and minerals they need to keep healthy and happy.

Start your flower and vegetable seeds early, before the Spring has sprung! Start veggie seeds early, inside the house to get a jump on the growing season. Do all this and more without taking up floor space, or using your table top for a spread of seed trays. Windowsills are a great, unused space in your home where you can give your seedlings a front row seat to some sunshine. Take advantage of its compact convenience by positioning Jumpstart 12’s in any place in your home where you want to add a little life. You can set them on mantels or other ledges where a large container can’t fit. I’ll simply start my veggie seeds in the little Jumpstart 12 windowsill greenhouse, and save my dinner table from my yearly bombardment of seed trays. You can harness the power of the sun to start seeds in a small area in your home, with the benefit of the humidity and warmth of a greenhouse.


Instruction Review:

The easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the back of the package sleeve. They offer step-by-step directions on how to start the greenhouse and get your seeds started. Pour a few cups of warm water over the dry, flat pellets. They will soak up the fluid and swell into a moist pillow, where you can easily start any flower, fruit, herb or vegetable seeds.

The genius gardeners at Hydrofarm have included some great tips with these directions. They explain how to choose the strongest sprouts, how to keep your soil healthy, and which window might be the best to place the greenhouse in. Leave it to them to give you the leg up on the growing season.


Quality of Packaging:

The Jumpstart 12 Pellet Greenhouse is a lightly packaged product. It uses only a simple thick stock paper sleeve. The outer tray houses the growing pellets and the humidity dome. One of the things I love about Hydrofarm designers is that they figure out how to turn the product itself into part of the packaging. This eliminates unneeded plastic and paper from landfills. The packaging also doubles as the directions and helpful hints for growing.


Related Products:

-The best product to couple with the Jumpstart 12 Pellet Greenhouse is the Windowsill Heat Mat. The heat mat is a perfect size to perch on a windowsill, and keep the chill away from windowsill plants, or little greenhouse planters. Applying heat to the root area of a planter will accelerate growth, shortening the amount of time needed to germinate seeds and see progress above ground.

-The T5 two foot grow light is a good, compact fluorescent lighting fixture that you can use to supplement lighting for your little greenhouses. You can keep several greenhouses under one light. These lights are small enough to keep on a table top, eliminating the need to give up floor space to house a collection of sprouts and seedlings.


Bullet Points:

  • Jumpstart 12 Pellet Greenhouse is compact seed germination system that can house twelve seedling pods
  • Fits in your windowsill
  • Great for herbs, veggies and flowers
  • Contains earth-friendly, biodegradable growing medium pellets made of natural cocoa fiber
  • Growing mediumpellets can be planted directly into the ground, or containers once the seedlings are big enough to go out into the world on their own.
  • Reusable humidity dome included
  • Reusable waterproof tray
  • Give seeds a healthy start in a warm, humid little home
  • Recyclable packaging doubles as directions and tips and tricks