Jump Start T5 Modular Light System Review

The Hydrofarm Modular T5 Light System is an indoor gardener’s first choice for a growing assistant! I’ve been using the four foot model to help get my veggie garden started this Summer, and I couldn’t have come this far without it!  The four foot T5 is a set of four, 24 watt, 6400k full spectrum, high output fluorescent tubes. (Say that three times fast!) The system comes with four legs that support the light about eighteen inches from floor. This is plenty tall for most things an indoor gardener needs, such as germinating seeds, growing an herb garden, or giving sprouts a head start.

Each light tube comes in its own reflective hood. They are supported with a Styrofoam arch to protect them during shipping, and the reflective surface of the hood is lined with a plastic cling film to protect it from scratches. Simply peel this off, and discard along with the Styrofoam supports. The system is simple to put together. Once you’ve clicked the bulbs into place, each light hood slides and then locks in to place in the hanger frame.



Once the lights are fixed to each other via the hanger, plug the link cords into place to daisy-chain the lights to a single power source. This system makes it easy to use one simple plug to power the whole set, instead of a having a jungle of cords snaking around your plant containers. I’ll take a jungle of vines over that any day of the week!







The hangers are sturdy, and the whole system is light as a feather. I had no trouble picking it up and moving it around during cleaning, or to rearrange my plants. You don’t have to be a body builder to wrangle The T5 light system. You won’t even need any assistance. How’s that for independence?

If you want to propagate something with a little more meat on its bones, the light weight fixture is easy as one-two-three to hang from the ceiling, rafters, or other support. Just use the attached metal hangers to loop a hanging chain, or attach a pulley system. I like Hydrofarm’s hanging kits, such as The Sunrise Reflector Hanging System, or The Reflector Hanging Kit. Both of these kits are affordable and simple to put together. They will stabilize and support your light, and best of all, they are both easily adjustable to raise or lower with the growing height of your plants, or to adapt to different sized rooms.

The Modular indoor light is great for germinating seeds. In fact, Hydrofarm’s Germination Station is a perfect fit for the T5. At two feet long, two of them placed end to end fit perfectly under the four foot light. The two foot system is a great match for a single Germination Station, for those wanting to conserve space. You can give your seeds a good head start, so they will be big and strong when you transplant them to their permanent home, be that the ground, or an outdoor container.

This gardener’s helper will accelerate the growth of clones, allowing them to adjust to a new growing medium quickly, and transport nutrients up through the stems to the leaves and flowers or fruit. If you have ever wanted to grow your own herbs, this light could be your new best friend. Herbs need plenty of sun to make their signature flavors, and for someone who wants them in easy reach of their kitchen, an indoor light makes freshness convenient.

The full spectrum lighting will supplement a whole array of plants so you don’t have to worry that your sprouts are missing out! Each strip is 54 watts and rated at 5,000 lumens. This means that with the four tube modular system, you are getting 216 watts and 20,000 lumens! Think of the indoor herb garden you could grow with all that power! Your chef friends will be sooo jealous! ;)

Perhaps the best thing about this light fixture is its low energy usage. This system is a great way to add the highest amount of light to your plants possible, without breaking the bank when it comes to your energy bills, plus, it keeps your consumption low, which is great for the environment, too!

The Modular T5 is great for experienced gardeners who want to add a little oomph to their indoor light availability, while keeping their energy costs down. It’s ease of set up and light weight design makes it a wonderful light for beginners. It’s the perfect way to give your garden a Jump Start!

Instruction Review:

Hydrofarm’s Modular T5 comes with simple instructions. Step-by-step plans keep the guess work out of assembly, so you can save your brain space for gardening! The direction sheet explains how to set up the system, as well as tips on care and cleaning. The Hydrofarm garden designers take an interest in the success of your plants, and make sure to pass along their knowledge. The diagrams and concise language leave little room for error, so you can progress with confidence!

Quality of Packaging:

The Hydrofarm Modular T5 arrives in a brightly illustrated green box, with all parts included inside. The box displays all the parts of the system, and is sturdy enough to keep everything safe and sound. There is minimal packaging, and the carton is recyclable. With little assembly required, you can get your light home and get growing in no time!

Related Products from Hydrofarm:

-I am using my Hot House with The T5. It’s the perfect size to fit over the humidity dome. At four feet wide, I can lay two end to end under one system.

-The Germination Station is similar to the Hot House, but is more compact with a shorter two inch dome height. It also includes a Seedling Heat Mat and 72 cell tray. Two of these will fit under the four foot light system, as well.

-The Sunrise Reflector Hanging System is a great companion to the light weight Modular T5, if you prefer to suspend the fixture.

-The Seedling Heat Mat is perfect for use under your containers. I call it the “Indoor Gardening Sandwich”. Heat mat on the floor, containers on the heat mat, light above the containers. Indoor Gardening Sandwich = Happy, healthy plants!

Bullet Points:

  • Modular T5 Light System
  • Available in two foot length or four foot length
  • Includes (four foot system):
    •  four, four foot fixtures with 6400k full spectrum, high output T5 lamps.
    • Four light weight, super reflective, four foot reflector hoods.
    • Two docks with four eighteen inch, snap-on legs
    • Two built-in hangers
    • Three link cords for daisy-chaining the four lights to one power source
    • One six and a half foot power cord
    • Fluorescent bulbs use little energy, so you get the most bang for your buck
    • High output light increases metabolic rate of seeds , seedlings and clones
    • Two size options allow you to choose your growing space
    • Increases germination success
    • Grow an indoor herb garden to supplement your recipes