The Bugs of Summer, Part 4

The buzz is all about the bugs this week! I’m writing some posts dedicated to my favorite garden helpers, since I’m not going to be seeing them for a while. I found this little guy sitting on my Russian Thyme plants, just hanging out right before a rain storm.

bumble bee

This, my friends, is a bumble bee :)

Now let’s say its Latin name together, because it’s the coolest scientific name I’ve ever heard:

Bombus bimaculatus!

I just want to say it over and over like a song

Bombus bimaculatus, Bombus bimaculatus, Bombus bimaculatus

Okay, anywho, this bulky flying machine does the same job honey bees do. They are very important pollinators. These little workers are responsible for your fruiting and flowering plants! Without these tiny, fuzzy, flower-powered bugs, we would lose most of our crops, as bees do a lions share of the pollination in the US.

Their sting is painful, but certainly not toxic (unless you are severely allergic). I’ve never been stung by slow, bumbling Bombus bimaculatus. This one even posed for a close-up.

close up

Beautiful little bumble bee, Bombus bimaculatus.