The Bugs of Summer, Part 3

EEK!! What IS that?!


Oh, calm down guys, it’s just a common garden spider, sometimes called the grass spider. Its Latin name is Agelenopsis. It is a harmless spider that you will find in your yard or garden. All spiders can and may bite if they are handled roughly, but these spiders aren’t aggressive.  I found this guy sitting on the frame for my rain barrel. It sits right next to my compost bin, and I’m sure this spider is well fed! It sat still and let me take its picture before dissapearing into some morning glories. I take this as evidence of a healthy garden eco-system. Once top-tier predators can establish themselves, that means there is an entire working food chain. This means a healthy, thriving environment. Spiders are really a gardener’s best defense against things like beetles and grasshoppers, which can mow down an entire crop in a few days.

If one wanders accidentally into your house, just scoop it up with some paper or a jar and usher it safely outside. It will repay your kindness by guarding your vegetable garden from harmful bugs!