The bugs of Summer, Part 2


As Autumn envelopes us and the leaves begin to change colors, I have gone out on a few end-of-season bug hunts so you readers can have one last up close and personal look at some Summer time arthropods. It’s a bittersweet time of year. I love see bugs when I’m out and about in the garden. On the other hand, I also love turning my attention indoors to my tropical plants when the cold wind blows outside.

Today I found a little trooper hiding in a pine tree. He let me take a few pictures before heading off to hunt.


Look at those pseudo pupils!

me holding a mantis

So exciting! This is an asian mantis. They were imported for agricultural use in the 1970′s. They were a good idea for pest control and settled in nicely to the North American climate. A wild population is now established here, as you can see.

back image

See ya later, buddy!