The Bugs of Summer, Part 1


Well, dear readers, Fall has fallen! Summer is officially behind us. To soften the blow, and pay tribute to my favorite garden friends, I’m going to post a few articles featuring pictures of some helpful bugs. This way, I can bid them adieu until next year. Soon, our attentions will be turned indoors to lighting, hydroponics, and a host of other modern growing systems. For now, enjoy this little top-tier predator I found next to my compost bin:


The health of an environment can be judged based on the presence of a thriving food web. Top-tier predators, such as this little hunting garden spider, represent a healthy balance of animal and plant life. These guys are the reason I shy away from chemicals in my yard. When you spray insecticides, all of the many-legged fauna is put at risk. Poison doesn’t know the difference between aphids and spiders. Allow arachnids to flourish, and they will keep your pests in check.

spider 2

This spider sat perfectly still as I snapped photos. I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back, she was gone. Just like Summer. Escaping without a word.