Chiflera, or Schefflera?


My Chiflera plant is growing again! I had noticed a lot of leaf loss on the lower branches of my Chiflera tree. I was concerned that it had some type of a leaf rot. I was told by a friend of mine, who has grown chifleras for years, that the plants often lose the lower-most leaves as it grows taller. To my great relief, the plant soon sprouted 4 new umbrellas, or branches with groups of leaves.

baby chiflera leaves

As you can see, the mature fans can get quite large.

mature fan

I keep this giant inside, away from the harsh light of direct sun. It sits near an alley-facing window, so it gets direct light for only a short amount of time during the day.

If it keeps growing at this rate, I’ll have to trim it to keep it from brushing the ceiling!