Brand New Pinup


There’s a new pinup in town

I had a pile of vines that I wasn’t really sure what to do with. After I gingerly pulled it out from between the slats of the blinds, and up off of the floor, and out from behind the plant shelf, I had a lot more than I had anticipated. The longest vine strecthed out to a length of 15 feet! So, I did what any good plant lover would do, and I adorned my house with them :)

pinned up pothos

I love the way the vine looks stretched across the room. It gives the place a really sheltered feel. I used picture-hanging hardware, instead of just putting nails up on the wall. The picture hooks will provide more support, and won’t cut off the vine’s circulation. I tacked up about a dozen of those things before I ran out and had to put up a few tacks to hold the last few feet of the vines.


I think the room is finally looking complete!