Growing and Healing


Dear Ivy,

If I make a cutting of my pothos plant, will that vine continue growing?

-Cautious Cutter


Dear Cutter, 

Clone away, my friend! Your plant will bounce back in no time! When you choose to cut a pothos vine in order to create a new plant, the vine that you cut will continue to grow, just not from the same point. The place where you have made the slice will callous over rather quickly. Then, from a growing point above that, a new leaf will soon appear.

cut vine

The above photo is of a vine that I cut a while back. You can see the stem where I cut it. It has calloused over, and that is the end of that. If you look at the base of it, the vine then continues right past the cut place, and keeps on going!

These plants are hardy, and they can survive almost anything you can throw at them. Simply making a cutting is nothing more than a speed bump for them. No worries, slice away!

growing vine

Don’t worry, your pothos will continue to grow and thrive, even as you make cuttings for yourself and your friends.