Put Your Root Down

Any gardeners get the Beastie Boys reference there? No? There’s gotta be a cross section of gardeners that like the Beastie Boys, right?

Well, anywho, I was inspecting my AccelaRoot cloning tray out today, and check out the roots on my cuttings! These little grow plugs really work! I’ve had mine on a heat mat for the last couple weeks. The weather has gone from mild to very warm in the last few days, so I turned it off today. That’s when I snapped some of these pictures:

arrowhead plant root

^That’s an Arrowhead Plant root.


spider plant roots

^Check out the roots on this baby spider plant!!


pothos roots

^These are pothos roots.


Now I can take all these clones and just plant them directly into a container. Getting them started in a tray was a good head start. I’m having a party soon, and I’m going to have a plant-potting table set up outside. I’ll have dirt and all my little clones. I told my party guests to stop at a goodwill and get containers to bring to the party if they want free plants. So Now I get tto spread the wealth! And spread the health! Keeping plants in your home helps purify the air, so you can breathe a little easier. They also give your home a naturally peaceful look, and calming energy. I have tons of houseplants and a few fishtanks on the main floor of my home, and when people come in for the first time, they always remark on how peaceful and relaxing it is. I give all the credit to the plants :)