High Output T5 Fluorescent Light Jump Start Setup

500 word review (more like 650…):

                I can’t wait to tell you about the Hydrofarm Jump Start Grow Light System! I had so much fun putting this product together and watching it work! The Jumpstart T5 High Output  Grow Light arrived in a compact box, with the frame and bulb packaged securely inside. Included in the system is a two foot fixture with reflective backing, a T5 high output fluorescent bulb, an adjustable frame to hang the light from, which has no-slip grip rubber feet, a six foot grounded power cord with an on/off switch, all the hanging hardware, and some of the best instructions I’ve ever had the pleasure of following. All you need are some tools and your brains! Check and check!

                The jumpstart system is easy to assemble. This took me less than a half hour total, from opening the box, to switching on the light. First, you put all the pieces of the frame together. The heavy-duty,  powder-coated steel frame will certainly last a lifetime without bending or breaking. It’s a beautiful green color, with a sleek finish. The pieces are easy to put together. I only needed a screwdriver and a rubber mallet. Simply attach the feet to the legs with the provided hardware. The feet are heavy, and have rubber caps at each end. This feature provides a stable base for the frame. It won’t slip off your table, or topple over. The legs are two feet tall, allowing ample room for your plants to grow, as they certainly will with this full-spectrum lighting boosting their chlorophyll-rich, plant energy production centers! Simply tap the cross bar down onto the tops of the legs to make sure you have a secure fit, and viola! You have a strong frame from which to hang your new T5 light! The crossbar at the tops of the legs contains a unique toggle system, so you can easily adjust the height of your bulb. The sturdy string is already threaded through the bar when you take it out. From the center hangs a toggle locking mechanism, which secures the string at a length of your choosing. This secures the light at an appropriate height while your plants grow. The string ends in two metal rings, which are used to snap into the hanging clips on the top of the light housing. Once you have clicked the bulb into place in the light housing, just snap the rings into the clips. Pull down the center height-adjusting string and secure the toggle at the desired height. Attach the power cord to the end of the light housing, plug it in to any standard wall socket and flip the switch. Now you’re ready to get growing!

                This light system is perfect for starting seedlings, rooting cuttings and clones, even producing food indoors! I’m using mine as an indoor salad garden right now! I have mixed greens, dill and cilantro seeds growing underneath it, and they’ll be ready to eat soon enough. I’m impressed with the bulb, and the quality of light it produces. It is over two times more efficient than an average grow light, and produces 20 per cent more light intensity! It uses 24 watts to produce 2,000 lumens, providing 6400K full daylight spectrum rays for your plants. The T5 tube is rated at a 20,000 hour life, allowing you to use and re-use this bulb for many crop cycles in your home. The rich color in the salad greens I have growing can attest to the broad spectrum lighting this product creates. Hydrofarm is so confident in the quality of their products that they provide a one year guarantee with their T5 light and frame system.

                The setup has a cool running design, meaning you can place the light within a few inches of your seedlings without fear of burning or dehydrating them. I have my greens set on an 18 hour a day timer to maximize growth, and the system remains cool to the touch. This product can be used for myriad indoor lighting purposes. It can be used to start seeds, and keep up the metabolism of cuttings and clones while they take root. It can be used to provide supplemental lighting to houseplants that need a little boost, or it can help you time your photo periods to bring your plants into flowering stage at your convenience!


Instruction Review:

The Instructions that come with the Jump Start T5 Grow Light are trouble-free to follow. They have illustrations for easy visualization. There is a page that explains the bulb and reflector housing assembly (you simply attach the bulb in the sockets and connect the power cord, then clip the rings into the hanging clips), and a page that explains the frame assembly. The instructions walk you step-by-step through the setup process, providing helpful hints, and recommendations along the way. It will only take you a few minutes to put together the light bulb, housing and frame. Once you are done, flip the frame assembly instructions over and check out the advice on the back! Hydrofarm always goes the extra mile to provide real life, first hand advice from their decades of indoor growing experience. They provide a full page of tips and hints about seed starting, general lighting, hours of light for different types of plants, and lighting, watering and transplanting hints. Hydrofarm creates the sturdy equipment to provide your plants with the things they need, and their team of gardeners provides you with the advice and guidance you need to put together a complete and thriving indoor garden!


Quality of Packaging:

                The whole system comes in what seems like a small box. The outside is bright and vibrant, with eye-catching colors and pictures of some of your plant possibilities! Tucked inside, in separate boxes, are the light housing and bulb, and the frame. The packaging was protective and minimal. I received my bulb in one working piece, even after being shipped across the country! On the box, you will find all the info and specs you need in English, French and Spanish. My T5 light and frame arrived with just enough strategic protection to stabilize them during shipping, while creating little waste. Well done, packaging engineers!


Related Products from Hydrofarm:

                If you want to increase your yield and build your home garden, Hydrofarm has you covered! Here are some suggestions to accompany your Jump Start T5 Grow Light System. Use the search option on the website to find equipment and supplies to get your plants off to a healthy start!

-Any of the Jump Start grow systems are a good first step for transplanting seedlings once they have been started with the mat.

-I’m using the Smart Float Grow Tray underneath my light to grow salad greens and herbs. Come Spring, I will use the light and tray to start my flower and vegetable seeds inside. The tray fits under the light perfectly, and has room for 55 separate seedlings or clones!

-Hot House for seed starting and cloning. This kit is the choice for gardeners who want the experience of a greenhouse in a compact table-top size! It includes the heat mat and two domes to keep your flowers or clones warm and humid. Comes with excellent tips and hints for growing your indoor garden.

-Hydroton Clay Pebbles – growing media that provides a stable place for cuttings to take root. These pebbles are ideal for hydroponic growing, no soil, no problem!

-Emily’s Garden hydroponic growing station. This system fits under the four foot version of the Jump Start kit.

-Heated Germination Station, includes humidity dome and growing media. This kit includes the heat mat, plus the other elements to make a complete seed starting setup.

-The Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat. This is the final piece that creates a sandwich of perfection for my seeds! On the bottom, I place the mat, to warm the root area. Then, the Smart Float grow tray contains the growing medium and seeds. And above, the T5 light. The perfect combo to grow healthy greens in my home!


  Jump Start Grow Light System – 4 Ft. (Stand, Fixture Description: http://www.hydrofarm.com/i/base/plus.gif



-This is basically a larger version of the same system, increasing your square footage and your yield.






(T5 Kit Only) 2′ Jump Start – 24w/HO/6500K

This is just the light and housing






  Jump Start 2′ (stand only)

This is just the frame, including the adjustable toggle system






 T5 2′ Replacement 6400K Bulbs, 24W

You can get replacement bulbs after you use up your 20,000+ hour life on the first bulb, which is included with the system



Bullet Points: (some quoted from packaging)

·         Increase growth rate with T5 full daylight spectrum bulb

·         Cool operating temperature

·         Twice as efficient and 20% more light intensity as ordinary grow lights

·         Easy to adjust height, let’s the light move as your seedlings mature

·         2 foot system includes 2’ fixture with T5 high output fluorescent bulb, 2’ hanging frame, 6’ power cord with on/off switch, all hardware, instructions

·         Step-by-step instructions with illustrations and tons of helpful growing hints!

·         Easy and quick assembly, minimum tools required

·         Sturdy, powder-coated steel frame can stand up to years of use

·         No-slip grip feet won’t let your frame falter

·         All-inclusive system, just add plants!

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