The Bugs of Summer, Part 4

The buzz is all about the bugs this week! I'm writing some posts dedicated to my favorite garden helpers, since I'm not going to be seeing them for a while. I found this little guy sitting on my Russian Thyme plants, just hanging out right before a rain storm.

bumble bee

This, my friends, is a bumble bee :)

Now let's say its Latin name together, because it's the coolest scientific name I've ever heard:

Bombus bimaculatus!

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The bugs of Summer, Part 2

As Autumn envelopes us and the leaves begin to change colors, I have gone out on a few end-of-season bug hunts so you readers can have one last up close and personal look at some Summer time arthropods. It's a bittersweet time of year. I love see bugs when I'm out and about in the garden. On the other hand, I also love turning my attention indoors to my tropical plants when the cold wind blows outside.

Today I found a little trooper hiding in a pine tree. He let me take a few pictures before heading off to hunt.

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The Bugs of Summer, Part 1

Well, dear readers, Fall has fallen! Summer is officially behind us. To soften the blow, and pay tribute to my favorite garden friends, I'm going to post a few articles featuring pictures of some helpful bugs. This way, I can bid them adieu until next year. Soon, our attentions will be turned indoors to lighting, hydroponics, and a host of other modern growing systems. For now, enjoy this little top-tier predator I found next to my compost bin:

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Chiflera, or Schefflera?

My Chiflera plant is growing again! I had noticed a lot of leaf loss on the lower branches of my Chiflera tree. I was concerned that it had some type of a leaf rot. I was told by a friend of mine, who has grown chifleras for years, that the plants often lose the lower-most leaves as it grows taller. To my great relief, the plant soon sprouted 4 new umbrellas, or branches with groups of leaves.

baby chiflera leaves

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