Urban Farming!

My favorite gardening topic! :D

I love the creativity involved in farming in tight spaces. Living in the city or the suburbs shouldn't mean that you have to disconnect from your food sources. One can have a tiny patio and still grow fresh produce for a wonderful addition to any diet and life style. I found a great example of a patio vegetable garden a few days ago, and got a chance to snap a couple photos. 

container herbs

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Adiantum Ferns

Ferns are a lovely way to add a delicate green touch to a nice shady corner of your house. This particular fern is admittedly difficult to keep, but worth it if you can find a nice spot. They demand high moisture and will die if they dry out. I would highly reccommend using a ThirstyLight with this plant. Place it at as shallow a depth possible, so as soon as it begins to dry out, you can have some warnning and get it some water.

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Indoor Forest

Ever want your house to look like a lush green forest?


I have a towering Schifflera, and pothos that vine all the way around my dining room. Anywhere plants will grow, I fill in the spaces with foliage and flowers. That's how I like to keep it. Nice and green, year round.

One way to bring the outdoors in is to keep a Norfolk Pine! I had one of these for years! I used to decorate it with tiny lights and colored ornaments on christmas :)

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Reproducing a ZZ Plant

Dear Ivy,

I have a Zanzibar Gem, and recently I bent one of its many stems. Am I able to rescue it? How do you separate the plant and re-pot the separated piece? Thanks for your advice.


ZZ plant

Dear Rae,

No worries! All is not lost!

You probably can't right a broken stem, but you can take bits of the damaged piece and re-create them.

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She’s Got Legs..

Are your plants leggy? ;)

This is a term gardeners use to refer to a growth patterns that plants assume when they don't have enough sunlight available. As the plant grows, it reaches and stretches to find a shaft of sunlight, or work its way out of a shady spot. Energy is diverted from leaf creation, to stem elongation. The result is a tall, skinny plant with many tiny leaves, or in the case of this Aglaonema, a plant with long, looping stems and small leaves.

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New Addition

I got a new phaleonopsis orchid the other day!

My dad found a group of living orchids for sale and picked me out the one with the most blooms and buds on it :)

orchid buds

The bud on the end (in the bottom center of the photo) should open in the next day or two. There are 9 buds in total, and the growing tips are still extending by the day. As the tip of the main stem extends, the blooms emerge along it. As the swooping stem cascades down, each bloom opens, one after the other.

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