Arrowhead plant

I love my Arrowhead plant. It's been growing in the same container for years. An interesting little contraption, it's a soil planter on top, suspended in a water proof container so that the roots can unfurl into the water. There's a little place at the top I can pour water into. I didn't know much about this species of plant when I got it. I've been learning as I go, and i've discovered that this is a water loving plant. For chronic over waterers, you may want to check this one out.

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Put Your Root Down

Any gardeners get the Beastie Boys reference there? No? There's gotta be a cross section of gardeners that like the Beastie Boys, right?

Well, anywho, I was inspecting my AccelaRoot cloning tray out today, and check out the roots on my cuttings! These little grow plugs really work! I've had mine on a heat mat for the last couple weeks. The weather has gone from mild to very warm in the last few days, so I turned it off today. That's when I snapped some of these pictures:

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Ask Ivy 101

I got the opportunity to teach an Organic Gardening class at a library recently, and boy, was I nervous!

It turned out to be a great time!

We got to chat about gardening techniques, and avoiding chemical pesticides and fertilizers. I talked about container gardening, and the advantages of starting seeds early indoors. We're still having some cold weather here, so my seedlings are safely snuggled up on a Hydrofarm Seedling heat Mat.

Here's a few pictures from my class:


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ZZ Plant

zz shoot

Every year, my Zamioculcas Zamiifolia sends out a single shoot. I usually don't notice it until it peeks up from behind the mature plants. This slow grower always surprizes me when it sends out a new stalk. It remains almost dormant for the year, not growing larger, or using too much water. Then, zing! I get a two foot shoot the springs up outta nowhere! 

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