Cloning Arrowhead Plants

             This is the most cloning I've done in ages! First pothos, then spider plants, now these! This is a beautiful plant I bought a long time ago. It's grown wild in the last year or so. Near the base of the plant are upright stems with green heart shaped leaves. The plant sends out runners, long vines with node roots, that have amazing pink leaves on the ends! I was delighted when I realized I could snip the plant apart and reproduce it several times over Read more [...]

Cloning Spider Plants

I'm going on a cloning spree, weeee!

You could say I've gone clone happy, or clone mad, depending on how you look at it.

Cloning spider plants is a little different than cloning pothos. Spider plants, once they mature, will send off little shoots that baby spider plants will grow on. They get bigger and bigger, using the stem as a type of tube, getting all they need from the parent plant as they develop roots out in the air.

baby spider plants

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Cloning Pothos

Something every indoor gardener should know how to do!

Pothos is probably the most common house plant that I know of, and also the hardiest. These things can live in minimal light in a cup of water and be perfectly happy.

I had a single plant with two vines that was looking spindly and sickly. It had eight feet or more of naked vine before the last few feet of the end of the vine where some leaves had sprouted.

All rolled up it looked fine, almost like a wreath.

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