Gotta Keep ‘em Separated



I recently received a few beautiful arrangements of live plants. They came in impressive fans of foliage, reaching up high from the back, and with pothos hanging down a trail in the front. The containers are beautiful ceramic bowls.

They are simply lovely, and I'm so thankful to my friends that got them for me.

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Let it Rain!

It's finally warm enough in my neck of the woods to allow my plants little forays outside! I'm still weary of the night time temperature drops, but during the day, I've been allowing my plants to soak up the sun, and the rain!

plants outside

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The Leaves, They Are A-Changin’

It's nice to watch my little leaves grow from the first juvenile greens into the small, first true leaves. The first leaves that emerge straight from the seed are called cotyledons. They are simply structured leaves that serve to get photosynthesis started. They usually look generic and simple, and they won't necessarily help you to identify the plant.

Once the plants get a little bigger, however, the next set of leaves will start to take on a personality of their own! They will start to look more like the mature version of themselves.

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A Little On the Top

Here's a good way to keep your house plants looking and feeling their best: Top off the dirt in their containers!

top off your dirt!

Nature has a way of covering and constantly recovering the forest floor. Leaves fall from trees, animals die and these things decompose and return to the earth, animals leave their... uh... marks all over the place...

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