Spring Sprouts!

Ok, ok...

It's not really Spring yet. Far from it, in fact. I just don't know how much longer I can contain myself! It's been a wonderfully mild Winter so far, and I'm just thanking my lucky stars that the street in front of my house hasn't turned into an ice rink yet, like it has the last three years in a row...

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Greenhouse Effect

I planted some flower seeds in my newest little greenhouse last week, and they've already sprouted! The growing medium, plus the warmth and humidity provided by my Windowsill Heat Mat and the humidity dome have caused the seeds to grow at an accelerated rate.

Three days:

three day old sprouts

And now, on day six, I have two inch tall sprouts! Six days! This heat mat/humidity dome system is going to cut my germination time in half!

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What is that leaf curling evil I found lurking in my tomato plant?!


I was poking around under the leaves of all my house plants, checking things out, and I noticed this little leaf had a curl to its edge and was starting to turn brown. I'm going to use another tool to get an even closer look, and decide how I'm going to treat my plants.

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