Imagination vs. Reality

What I made with my fishtank, and an extra fluorescent light:

fish tank plant stand


What I imagine my dining room looks like:



Indoor gardeners can dream, too...


(Picture taken in an amazing greenhouse with an indoor river and water fall. Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio.)

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Lovely Lettuce

Harvest time has come!

I've been growing indoor lettuce for a while now, and I finally decided it was time for dinner!

indoor lettuce

This is a little setup I constructed in my dining room. I used (from the floor up): Hydrofarm's Seedling heat mat, and Smartfloat Grow Tray, an old fishtank light fixture and a full spectrum fluorescent grow bulb. I planted these from seeds and kept the float tray well filled with water. 

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Bonsais Gone Wild!

Dear Ivy,

I recently got a bonsai tree for my birthday. Can you tell me what I'm supposed to do other than water it every couple days? I am new to having plants. Thanks!

-Bonsai Beginner


Dear Beginner,

It sounds like you've heard the basic refrain of "water frequently". Well, that's the golden rule, so you've come a long way already. There are some other things I can tell you, but the main thing is to trim and water. I'll use my bonsai as an example here, to show you what a little trimming can do.

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New Addition

I have a new member of my plant family! This gentle giant was living in an old building that was about to be heavily renovated. I was afraid it would be neglected during the transition, or possibly exposed to cold or chemicals. I took it home and set it up next to a sunny window :)

I must admit, I was a little surprized at how huge this thing is. In the high-ceilinged building I was used to seeing it in, it seemed like a nice corner fixture. In my house, it towers over the entire dining room and tickles whomever sits at the table.

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Pick Up Your Litter!

Attention, Litterbugs!

(You know who you are!)

Time to clean up your act!

Now, I should specify I'm talking about leaf litter, here. It's come to my attention lately that a lot of people have some misconceptions about dead leaves on the surface of your container plant's soil. Get 'em outta there!

It's important to remove leaf litter from the top of the dirt in your container plants. Now that's the truth, Ruth.

leaf litter

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