DIY With Spare Parts

I moved my fish into some larger digs a while back and found myself with an extra fluorescent light. A trip to the hardware store, a drill and a little bit of time later, I've got a brand new, double decker, plant growing high rise in my dining room!

It all started with an old piano bench that I had laying around. A little bit of planning, and a custom-cut piece of plywood to start...


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I'm so glad my Christmas cactus is blooming! It's the little triumphs that makes gardeners keep doing what we do. I got a clipping from a friend years ago. I remember we were at his house and I said "My that's a beautiful plant. What is that?" He told me what it was called and walked right up and, to my astonishment, plucked off a few leaves and handed them to me. I think he actually said something to the effect of "Here, put these in your pocket."


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Christmas Time is Here Again

This is the second time my Christmas cactus has bloomed! I got a cutting from a friend a few years ago and after a few false starts, I got it to bloom last year. I transplanted it this Summer, so I was a little worried it was going to skip a blooming cycle. The other day I was sitting near my plant shelf, in my favorite little writing spot, and something caught my eye. I saw a shock of pink hiding behind a container. When I got up to investigate, I found THIS:

Christmas Cactus

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