Ivy’s Going Global!

Welcome back to my new website, dear readers!!

I just noticed this amazing feature on the front page of the new handy dandy Hydrofarm site. Down at the bottom, there's a little button that says "Translate". My blog can be viewed in Turkish, Irish, Dutch, Haitian Creole, Thai, Afrikaans, and about 50 other languages! I'm going global, guys!

I've been busy answering questions from as far away as South Korea and Brazil, and as close as my home town.

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Types of Containers Part 2: Glassware

I love using found and upcycled containers to put plants in! I love cruising thrift stores and garage sales to find unique containers that are suitable for different types of house plants. Today I'm going to focus on found glassware. Sometimes you will find yourself with old glassware that you know you won't use for its intended purpose again. Put a plant in it!

What to do with Gramma's old snifter? Put a plant in it!

Dried up old aquarium full of gravel? You guessed it... Put a plant in it!

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Re-Potting S-O-S!!

I found this specimen on the "distressed plant" shelf, looking droopy and not long for this world. I was taken by its pathetic pale leaves (and the discount sticker glaring at me from its soggy hanging pot). I got it home and took a few days to figure out exactly what it was. No one at the home and garden store seemed to know what it was, and I had never seen one before. Before I could make its conditions more conducive to its growth, I needed to figure out the plant's native habitat and conditions.

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New Beginnings!

          Well, readers, this is my new home sweet home! Pretty snazzy, huh? I'm going to be writing for Hydrofarm! I'm so excited for this new venture, and I hope you will join me on my new quest to be the best indoor gardener around! Follow me on my blog, and I will share with you my achievements and (hopefully few) failures, my trials and tribulations, and my new discoveries about cultivating plant life in my humble abode.

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