Wild Flowers and Wooly Caterpillars

I know all of you who have a love of gardening also love the wild and natural world. I went hiking recently in the Hocking Hills region of Southern Ohio, and I want to share some pictures of a little critter I met, and a beautiful example of a flower. It is important to know native plants and animals that will appear in your garden, so that you can identify them and know what effect they will have on your cultivated plants.

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Harvest Time and Garden Visitors

Just as soon as it arrived, Summer is escaping. Kind of like a good friend whose visits never seem to be long enough. I think we have a wonderful Indian Summer coming, and some warm days ahead. That said, Fall is creeping up on to the back porch like a stray cat. There’s no denying it’s been coming around lately.

This years growing season had a strange start. We had about two months of rain with no respite, which pushed back my planting time. I still got a great and dependable harvest though.

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Sowing the Cosmos

This Summer, I ventured into flower gardening, which I had not really done before. I started my green gardening journey with house plants. Once I felt comfortable with those, I started noticing all the green space outside where I could expand. I forayed into vegetable gardening, then started a shade garden full of hostas. (Those were quickly moved out to the front yard, after my dog earned her nickname: The Hosta Accosta.) This year, I found lots of seeds for different flowers, and tried my hand at them. I’m so happy with the results!

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