Active Aqua Five Gallon Root Spa Bucket System With Air Pump

Recently, I was able to try out the Active Aqua growing system. I can say that this bucket-o-plants was a barrel-o-fun! Hydrofarm's Root Spa Bucket System is a compact, simple hydroponic setup that is easy and convenient for beginners and old pros alike! People with water gardening experience will appreciate the space saving container, and the efficient system design that addresses every expert's principle concerns. Beginners will love the simple, straightforward approach to indoor hydroponic Read more [...]

Jump Start Windowsill Heat Mat

The Hydrofarm Windowsill Heat Mat is a custom sized heat mat. Just unroll, and it’s ready to use! The Windowsill Heat Mat is three inches wide by twenty inches long, the perfect size to perch on any windowsill to help keep the cold at bay. Often, plants that would love the sun next to one of your windows are kept away across the room, because windows tend to leech heat and let drafts in. You don’t want your plant to catch cold! Lower than ideal temperatures can cause myriad problems for many Read more [...]

Jump Start T5 Modular Light System Review

The Hydrofarm Modular T5 Light System is an indoor gardener’s first choice for a growing assistant! I’ve been using the four foot model to help get my veggie garden started this Summer, and I couldn’t have come this far without it!  The four foot T5 is a set of four, 24 watt, 6400k full spectrum, high output fluorescent tubes. (Say that three times fast!) The system comes with four legs that support the light about eighteen inches from floor. This is plenty tall for most things an indoor Read more [...]