Active Aqua Five Gallon Root Spa Bucket System With Air Pump

Recently, I was able to try out the Active Aqua growing system. I can say that this bucket-o-plants was a barrel-o-fun! Hydrofarm's Root Spa Bucket System is a compact, simple hydroponic setup that is easy and convenient for beginners and old pros alike! People with water gardening experience will appreciate the space saving container, and the efficient system design that addresses every expert's principle concerns. Beginners will love the simple, straightforward approach to indoor hydroponic Read more [...]

Jump Start Windowsill Heat Mat

The Hydrofarm Windowsill Heat Mat is a custom sized heat mat. Just unroll, and it’s ready to use! The Windowsill Heat Mat is three inches wide by twenty inches long, the perfect size to perch on any windowsill to help keep the cold at bay. Often, plants that would love the sun next to one of your windows are kept away across the room, because windows tend to leech heat and let drafts in. You don’t want your plant to catch cold! Lower than ideal temperatures can cause myriad problems for many Read more [...]

JumpStart Mini Windowsill Greenhouse

The Jumpstart 12 twelve pellet greenhouse is a miniature grow system that has big possibilities! The diminutive tray measures three inches wide by 8 inches long. Inside the tray are twelve substrate pellets made from cocoa fiber. These are compressed, biodegradable pellets that expand once water hits them. I filled the little tray with warm tap water, and the grow pellets turned from little flat coins of compressed fibers, to big soft pillows of plantable goodness, right before my eyes!  I poured Read more [...]

The bugs of Summer, Part 2

As Autumn envelopes us and the leaves begin to change colors, I have gone out on a few end-of-season bug hunts so you readers can have one last up close and personal look at some Summer time arthropods. It's a bittersweet time of year. I love see bugs when I'm out and about in the garden. On the other hand, I also love turning my attention indoors to my tropical plants when the cold wind blows outside.

Today I found a little trooper hiding in a pine tree. He let me take a few pictures before heading off to hunt.

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The Bugs of Summer, Part 1

Well, dear readers, Fall has fallen! Summer is officially behind us. To soften the blow, and pay tribute to my favorite garden friends, I'm going to post a few articles featuring pictures of some helpful bugs. This way, I can bid them adieu until next year. Soon, our attentions will be turned indoors to lighting, hydroponics, and a host of other modern growing systems. For now, enjoy this little top-tier predator I found next to my compost bin:

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Chiflera, or Schefflera?

My Chiflera plant is growing again! I had noticed a lot of leaf loss on the lower branches of my Chiflera tree. I was concerned that it had some type of a leaf rot. I was told by a friend of mine, who has grown chifleras for years, that the plants often lose the lower-most leaves as it grows taller. To my great relief, the plant soon sprouted 4 new umbrellas, or branches with groups of leaves.

baby chiflera leaves

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Brand New Pinup

There's a new pinup in town

I had a pile of vines that I wasn't really sure what to do with. After I gingerly pulled it out from between the slats of the blinds, and up off of the floor, and out from behind the plant shelf, I had a lot more than I had anticipated. The longest vine strecthed out to a length of 15 feet! So, I did what any good plant lover would do, and I adorned my house with them :)

pinned up pothos

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Growing and Healing

Dear Ivy,

If I make a cutting of my pothos plant, will that vine continue growing?

-Cautious Cutter


Dear Cutter, 

Clone away, my friend! Your plant will bounce back in no time! When you choose to cut a pothos vine in order to create a new plant, the vine that you cut will continue to grow, just not from the same point. The place where you have made the slice will callous over rather quickly. Then, from a growing point above that, a new leaf will soon appear.

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