Jump Start T5 Modular Light System Review

The Hydrofarm Modular T5 Light System is an indoor gardener’s first choice for a growing assistant! I’ve been using the four foot model to help get my veggie garden started this Summer, and I couldn’t have come this far without it!  The four foot T5 is a set of four, 24 watt, 6400k full spectrum, high output fluorescent tubes. (Say that three times fast!) The system comes with four legs that support the light about eighteen inches from floor. This is plenty tall for most things an indoor Read more [...]

The Bugs of Summer, Part 4

The buzz is all about the bugs this week! I'm writing some posts dedicated to my favorite garden helpers, since I'm not going to be seeing them for a while. I found this little guy sitting on my Russian Thyme plants, just hanging out right before a rain storm.

bumble bee

This, my friends, is a bumble bee :)

Now let's say its Latin name together, because it's the coolest scientific name I've ever heard:

Bombus bimaculatus!

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Indoor Forest

Ever want your house to look like a lush green forest?


I have a towering Schifflera, and pothos that vine all the way around my dining room. Anywhere plants will grow, I fill in the spaces with foliage and flowers. That's how I like to keep it. Nice and green, year round.

One way to bring the outdoors in is to keep a Norfolk Pine! I had one of these for years! I used to decorate it with tiny lights and colored ornaments on christmas :)

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